Khorezm Mamun academy

Mutual cooperation with SRI and HEI

Khorezm Ma’mun Academy has established mutual cooperation with about twenty scientific research and higher education institutions of our republic in order to increase the effectiveness of scientific research institutions, to be acknowledged with an up-to-date scientific achievements, exchange experience, conduct scientific seminars collaboratively and supply the execution “national program of teachers’ training”.

It has been established regular conducts with History, Archaeological research, belonging to UzR SA, Oriental study, Genetics and-----, Institution of Geno-fund of Fauna and Flora, Biochemistry, Seismology, ------social-humanitarian subjects, ---- natural science, UrSU belonging to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, Uz NU, TSOSI, TSPU, Sam--, ------,Urgench filial of TITU and other scientific, education and manufacturing enterprises.

Mutual cooperative relations are focused on utilizing all opportunities effectively (well-experienced scientists, modern equipment, experimenting plots, information-resource centers), holding scientific meetings and seminars, supporting with educating-methodological assistance to the higher education institutions, conducting lectures and workshops of an influential scientists at the academy, involving the students of bachelor and master’s degree to science and training highly qualified personnel.

 Nowadays an effective cooperation has been carried out on training candidates together with ------ institutions of History and Genetics of Uz AS and organizing workshops together. Holding various educative and scientific sessions is set up fuitfully (archaeological, source-study, chemical, agronomy, computer-based literacy). Khoresm Ma’mum Academy is favourite mansion for all students. Especially the students of academic lyceum number 4 in Khiva, as well as, the students of Khiva Pedagogics, Medical, Agricultural and Information Technology colleges have being used all anecessary opportunities of Academy. Besides that, a contract is made with Navoiy Mining College. It has been supported educative-methodological, material-technical assistance to some specialized schools (schools number 21 in Urgench city, school number 56 in Khiva) and their pupils are taking part in different performances.

Khoresm Ma’mun Academy suggests scientific, educative and manufacturing institutions to collaborate with them in the sphere of its priorities.