Xorazm Ma'mun akademiyasi


01-08-2022     So'nggi yangiliklar

On July 28-29, the InnoWeek Regional Innovation Ideas Exhibition was held in an upbeat mood. Many entrepreneurs and higher education institutions of Khorezm region participated in this exhibition. Scientists of Khorezm Mamun Academy also actively participated among them. For example, the cultivation of new, promising varieties of cotton in the conditions of Khorezm region, the development of the scientific basis of the technology of growing sano plants in the conditions of the soil and climate of Khorezm, the agrotechnology of growing triticale in the conditions of Khorezm region, the breeding of African black ostrich in the conditions of Khorezm region technology, a device for predicting the spread of termites, a BKM stimulator that increases plant growth and productivity, cultivation of a medicinal stevia plant that replaces sugar in the conditions of Khorezm region, an insecticide against termites obtained on the basis of local raw materials, colored silicate based on local raw materials A number of scientific developments and a number of books were presented. At the end of the event, participants who actively participated were awarded with certificates and valuable gifts.